Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Beginning of The Mummysaurus

Where to begin.............well the aim of this blog is for me to be able to have a place to record my journey from near total couch potato to being able to run 5k without needing hospitalization at the finish line! so lets start with a bit of a basic profile:

  • I am female
  • 54 years young
  • Married with Three grown up children (One of which Cardiosaurus is responsible for my current training, but more of that later)
  • I have a wonderful dog, which I am hoping is going to be my running buddy for the next few years.
I had been pretty overweight and out of shape for some years, then last year (the royal jubilee to be exact) I joined Slimming World along with my sister, to get help to finally shed the extra pounds. A little over 6 months later I hit my target weight and have managed to maintain that since thanks to continuing my membership with Slimming World and going to the group meetings each week. But now having lost the extra pounds I thought it was about time to start getting a bit fitter. Like most people my age I have had a few health issues and I have my fair share of cracking and creaky joints and a couple of bunions just to round off the package.

I didn't want to just dive in and join a gym and commit to the monthly fees, which so many people do but end up never using, I didn't need the guilt trip not just over fitness but also over the money being wasted.
So I started going along to my local swimming pool and doing an Aqua Aerobics class for the 50+. This I really enjoyed so much that I also encouraged my daughter to come along to an Aqua Zumba class, Which is not only a really good workout, but also somewhere to have a really good laugh and mummy/daughter time.

Now talking about Mummy/child times brings me back to my son Cardiosaurus you see he is an Ultra Marathon Runner, Ultra's are races that exceed the normal marathon distance of 26.2 miles and can be 50 miles, or even 100 miles or more. But rather than taking up all my blog space telling you about his adventures in running these mega distances I will just give you a link to his blog http// so you can see for yourself.

Back to my own story..............In casual conversation at a family gathering I mentioned that I was going to walk the Race for Life with my sister and my dog at the end of July but that my own personal goal was instead of walking the 5k Race for Life I would really like to be able to run it by next years event July 2014 I expected to hear laughter or rude comments about my dodgy knees or my advancing age, but to my surprise and shocked ears all I heard from my son was "Challenge Accepted"

So here I am, now known as Mummysaurus with a running story of my own.

................ to be continued