Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013

Well It's been a while since my last post, but thought I should really do a bit of a round up just to finish off the year. 

When 2013 began I had no idea just how much it would change my life, and in such a positive way

I was due to graduate at the end of November from the C25K (couch to 5k) but during the last few weeks of the plan I had been invited to join a 'Run for Fun' group on Facebook they had organised a Christmas Challenge 5k run on the 1st December, the idea was that all the members that wanted to take part would all run 5k anywhere they wanted but at the same time as everyone else, this seemed like a great way to do my graduation run and commemorate 5 months from starting my running adventure. I knew that my 30 minute graduation run would not get me to the full distance, but I figured that I could run/walk the rest.

As always my wonderful supportive son said he would do the run with me, we agreed we would use a local Parkrun course, my husband, my other son and his partner and Mark's partner Jaime all came along to cheer us on. It was a cold but dry day, we arrived at the park only to find the car park full, so ended up having to park right at the other end of the park leaving us a good walk to our starting point, we used this as our warm up, waved goodbye to our supporters and off we went, 

Our course was to include 3 laps of the lake, the first lap I was still trying to settle into a steady pace and get my breathing under control, by the second lap I was feeling good and apart from having to run around people with pushchairs and avoiding the swans and geese we were doing ok. As we headed into the Third lap I was starting to get a bit tired but I knew I must of almost covered my 30 minute run, within a few mins Mark congratulated me on graduating with a quick high five. I asked how much distance was left for the 5k and he said maybe once more around the lake would do it, I had to stop and stretch for about 30 seconds as my calf muscle was starting to cramp, but I didn't walk we just went straight back to running, about half way round the lake I was really getting slow but Mark kept encouraging me on, he ran ahead and stopped at the 5k distance so I had a finish line to aim for which thankfully was less than a quarter of the way round the lap, I had to dig really deep to keep going but soon enough it was over and I had done it, I had run the whole 5k and that's when Mark told me I had also beaten my personal best by over 7 minutes.........we celebrated with hot chocolate and coffee walnut cake from the park cafe and Mark presented me with my Christmas Challenge medal. All in all a day I will remember for the rest of my life.
Run for Fun 5k Christmas Challenge
I have really enjoyed my running journey so far but I have a lot of people to thank for keeping me motivated, the support from Mark has been amazing and I would of given up long ago without his encouragement, but I must also say that I have found great support from a forum on Runners World in a thread called Starting Again From Then Beginning, also the Run for Fun group on Facebook and the Couch to 5k community on Health Unlocked. I have made so many new online friends, people that I have never met but who have been there for me on the low days when I have needed a virtual hug. Thank You One and all xxx 

Well I have made it, my original plan was to be able to run a 5k so that I could run the Race For Life so what now? I hadn't really thought about that when I started but I am now hooked, I am a runner and I am loving it, so now to plan what 2014 will be about, certainly the promised Race for Life in July, maybe some Parkruns and well who knows I may even look at a race or two.

My first challenge for 2014 I have signed up for is called Run the World which is organised by the Run for Fun Facebook group I will be trying to run a total of 400 miles this I guess it will be watch this space......will I do it!!!!! I sure hope so 

Happy 2014

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